IEDC Activities

Our country, in general, and our region in particular is in the dire need of Innovative Entrepreneurship. It helps solve pressing problems of the society, develops economy and creates self satisfaction amongst the concerned individuals. All these three factors feed each other's. We therefore have set up a platform viz.Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Centre(IEDC), with the purpose of fostering and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst students, faculty, staff, alumni of SVKM’s NMIMS or any individual or group, interested and passionate for entrepreneurial activities.

3D Printing

3D printer is the future technology for Healthcare, Engineering and Other domains. The printed food, engine parts, medical implants (Dental, Cardiac and Ortho) have started taking common place in day to day life. . It is estimated that 3D printing (additive manufacturing) is going to disrupt manufacturing industries in near future. Unleash your creativity and Print Your 3D Models with Industry Grade 3D Printer AION 500 MK 2.
Lab Location: 3D Printing Lab D Wing. Read More

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

IEDC EHR in an Integated Care Platfrom for seamless data exchange among th care providers. It includes patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory and test results. IEDC EHR allow access to evidence-based tools that providers can use to make decisions about a patient’s care Automate and streamline provider workflow Visit:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and Cognitive Technologies will create 3.3 million jobs globally & become a positive ‘job motivator’ by 2020. Presence of AI and CT certificate in your resume of “NMIMS”, one of the fastest growing and the top private University in the country will act as a key differentiator in accelerating your career or business growth.

12 Weeks | Online + Optional Campus Sessions | Live Projects & Case Studies | Batches Starting: Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 Know More

NM Radio

Digital technologies are taking the common place now in Education. Regulatory bodies are encouraging digital content development and delivery like MOOC, SWAYAM Platform etc. The radio channel is an excellent solution to provide the Edutainment to the student, faculty and staff at campus.

Your Virtual Store: VMart

IEDC V Mart is the effort to provide the market linkages to the rural producers, Women Self-Help Groups (W-SHG), as a part of institute social responsibility. Our long term aim is to link the V Mart platform with Mahila e-Haat of Ministry of Women and Child Development. Read More

Virtual Classroom

IEDC's Virtual Classroom is the Stratup Idea of Student Group, Virtual Classroom provides a whole new real time experience of learning on demand at any place & at any time, by our experts. Well, we don't provide courses, we take your request regarding what you want to learn and then make that course for you. Seems interesting? This is just the beginning Take the online class
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IEDC Vision

Entrepreneurial talent will be identified through various competitions, assessments and fostered through appropriate development programs. Our objectives are 1. To create entrepreneurial culture in the working and studying engineers in the region – with special attention to women and weaker sections of the society. Help them consider entrepreneurship as a lucrative, preferred and viable career option to jobs 2. To inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through student projects. 3. Budding and potential entrepreneurs’ ideas will be discovered, reviewed and the required support will be given till they materialize into enterprises. 4. To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and micro enterprises.

Student Projects

Vaibhav Jain and his team is working on the IEDC Project "Apprentice Virtual Classrooms". Virtual Class project is online learner demand driven teaching leaning platform. The learn and faculty can have the seamless interactions with his virtual platform Visit Site

- Vaibhav Jain Team Leader

Saurabh Ajit is MBA Tech student developing the smart ecommerce platform for connecting the rural producer to the virtual market. The virtual supermarket will have various smart features like automatic shopping list generator, item recommendation etc.

- Saurabh Ajit Team Leader

An electronic health record (EHR), is now gaining the momentum and going beyond just systematized electronically-stored health information, it is now being used for making various health predications, Sayyam is working on innovative project of remote health screening.

- Syyam Shah CEO - ABC Inc.